All The King's Gardens

(lyrics by Pam Nestor)

You're a high faluting man
Mixing with dinner party freaks
And you're dating only ladies
Known as the circle elite
You put me down as part exchange
And left me there with all my dreams
Waiting at the gates of
All the kings' gardens

It does you good to know
You've got a pretty face
Your manners quite distinguished
As a gentleman ought to be
You hurt this girl you left behind
You put me down as part exchange
Opened my eyes to
All the kings' gardens

Feel the pressure rising getting higher
And higher
Come on home crazy baby
Light my fire
I'll make you happy
I'll make you laugh
Think about the future
And not the past

Well you try to break me up
But I'll write it down as experience
Over bitten twice shy
But I'll make my come back
You broke me up but I still will try
And I'll keep on trying until I
Open the gates to
All the kings' gardens.


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  • Albums: Whatever's For Us