Barefoot And Pregnant

So many ladies love you
With the innocence of a child
A child who believes in God
You keep 'em in luxury
But it's luxury in the dark.

You walk around with a smile
Upon your face
But there's something that
You don't know
Your luck's run out
And it's time for you to know

Everybody told me I was crazy
To try to tame such a wild one
Baby baby baby baby baby
I got myself into this thing
Like I never knew I could and now
I got to get away just as fast as
I can
I got myself into this thing
And I'll find a way out

You gave me babies
To you
That proves your love
Tie my hands with jewels
Barefoot and pregnant you kept me
You sought to
Hide me from the truth
But your lady's done bought
Some shoes
And she's
Steppin' out on the town
Your lady
Took herself in hand
And she's spreading
Herself around

I wanted your love
But not at any price
You're just the hurting kind
Say you want me for yourself
But your
Deny it

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  • Albums: To the Limit
    Master Series
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