Get In Touch With Jesus

I wanted to contact Jesus
'Cos of the million and one ways
You said he's good

But if it's too late it's too late
If it's too late for love
I won't take hand-outs
From you
Just give me wings of doves
Make my mind blank
Set my heart free
Mind that's blank
And a heart that's free
Not a line not a song
To remind me

How come there's kisses at the bottom
When you need
When you need
And no time when your liner
Drifts in
Silver and shining
You broke my heart
Let me tell you I'm hurt
But you know that
I'm too down to cry
I won't cry
I'll turn to Jesus
I'll turn to Jesus
I'll talk to him
And he can help me to help me
Somebody help me
Help me to get in touch with the man
Who can help me dream again

I wanted to contact you now
'Cos of the million and one ways
I know you're good
It's never too late
It's never too late for love

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  • Albums: Back To The Night
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