It Could Have Been Better

(lyrics by Pam Nestor)

I was very sad last night
You came by I was so glad
Though sadness covered
The smile I kept for you
I was waiting for the cloud
To pass over
Then I could show my love

You could have made me laugh
If you stayed
But you left
I was more confused
Than I was before you came

I was frightened
I saw insanity and tears
I shouted for you to stay
It could have been better
If you had held my hand
And smiled at me
Or questioned why
My face was so distorted

I'm back in the sunlight again
Oh, I'm so glad
It's only joy I want to give to you
Sometimes I feel lost and desperate
Please forgive me
If I show no sign of reasoning or consideration
In my bleaker times.

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  • Albums: Whatever's For Us
    Love & Affection