No Love

You started out
Wanting my body
And I didn't mind
'Cos we liked each other
And it also helped
To pass the time
Well everybody dreams of one
And now I want you
And not just
For fun
But if you've got no love
To give
Baby don't give it here

I wanted you to be my lover
I would be your friend
And I'd wear the purple shirt
'Cos it makes you laugh
And I would too
Well if there's
Anything I can do
I wanna do it
And if I had no love
To give
I wouldn't give it
To you

Your best friend's
Told someone
I was the hurting kind
And now they've
Planted that seed
And it's growing there
In your mind
Well if you're looking for
A permanent mate
Just accept me
As your fate
'Cos if I had no love to give
I wouldn't give it
To you




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  • Albums: Walk Under Ladders
    Love & Affection
    Right After This...Alright (A&M compilation CD)
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