Turn Out The Light

Up and down
And all around
I've been looking for
In and out
And all about
I've been reaching for
I've got to tell you baby
Now my
Mind is made up
Things have looked bad
But now
Some years later
We still
Turn out the light
I'm gonna
Hold you
So tight

And when you wake up
From some
Peaceful sleeping
Just look over here
And I'll get you dreaming
Turn out the light
I'm gonna
Love you tonight

Many lovers
Have come and gone
Some I miss
And some I don't
Some were handsome
But none were plain
My good fortune
I suppose

I wanna tell you baby
Since I
Took up with
I mostly think of love
And that means you
Let's turn out the light
I wanna hold you so




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  • Albums: Me Myself I
    Love & Affection
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